News Flash

WINTER STORM ALERT************************************************

Due to the recent storm warnings for our area, the Littleton Police Department would like to remind people to only travel if you have to when the roads are bad. Please remember to leave earlier than normal for your destination to allow yourself plenty of time and to wear your seatbelt. Be smart and be safe.
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SCAM ALERT******************************************************

Please be aware that there are many scammers out there. Recently we have had many reports from individuals who are selling or buying items via websites like Craigslist or selling items via their own personal websites. The person who is supposedly buying the item then sends the seller a check for more than the item was being sold for and uses the excuse that it was either an error or it is to cover an added expense such as shipping or whatever. The buyer tells the seller to go ahead and cash the check and then money gram the excess back to the buyer. When the seller does this they are losing that money because the original check will eventually come back as a bad check. Please do not cash any checks that are more than what they were supposed to be for. Spread the word to your family and friends.
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